Health Services

Chest Clinic

Lung function testing (PFT/Spirometry) and chest X-ray. Mandatory for employees exposed to Designated Substances such as Silica, Asbestos, Isocyanates as well as other hazardous respiratory hazards.

Biological Sampling

Blood and/or urine analysis utilized as part of your medical surveillance program for exposure to hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, benzene, to name a few.

 Hearing Screening

Audiometric screening is and excellent way of auditing your Hearing Loss Prevention Program. Employee baseline testing can be compared versus annual tests to monitor for changes. 

Medical Consultations

Assisting your company physician, or offering our own Occupational Medicine Physicians to provide your employees with pre-employment/post-offer-, surveillance-, certificate-, or routine- medicals.



Test results are only as good as the technician conducting them. Make sure that you and your technicians have the most up-to-date training for the medical tests they are conducting.

Respirator Fit 

Medical clearance, qualitative and quantitative fit testing (QLFT & QNFT) available to assist you with compliance.

All our services can be provided on-site -at your facility- on a 24-hour basis so individuals can have all testing completed during their regular shift-work hours.

We provide service to companies with single- or multi-locations, province wide and inter-provincially serving a wide range of sectors. Our expertise is in the field of mobile testing. No job is too complex. Ask us.

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Unsure about the testing you should be conducting to keep in compliance with best practices and MOL. Drop us a line and we can have a specialist touch base with you to determine your needs.

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